Top Tourist Sports in the US for Science Lovers

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The USA is full of amazing little gems that are perfect for travel junkies looking for a new experience. Since many of my readers seem to be science lovers, I decided to put together the best places to visit if you love science.

The USA is full of scientific achievements so anyone who loves science should visit the following places and behold the beauty of success and the pursuit of knowledge. All science lovers should visit these places at least once in their life, and experience these marvels for themselves.

Here are just some of the wonderful places that you can visit:

The Aerojet-Dade Rocket Facility
For those who love to explore abandoned spaces, the Aerojet-Dade Rocket Facility in Homestead, Florida was once home to a magnificent rocket testing facility back in the 1960s. There are two rocket silos with the rockets still in them, and they were used to test various types of rocket fuel that can enable space travel. It is free to enter, but note that it can be rather dangerous if you do not have a guide with you.

hayden planetThe Hayden Planetarium
The Hayden Planetarium is an astronomer’s dream come true. Found in Central Park West, New York, the Planetarium is a beautiful, spherical piece of architecture that is part of the Rose Center. The top half of the sphere features a gorgeous star theatre, that produces accurate projections of stars and the night sky based on latest astrophysical data available.

The lower half of the sphere on the other hand, features the Big Bang Theater, which features the beginning of the universe.

The Titan Missile Museum
The Titan Missile Museum can be found in Sahuarita, Arizona. Once an active command centre for launching missiles, it has since been converted into a museum and declared a US National Historic Landmark. There are many guided tours available for the area and you can even visit the gift shop and bring back some cool souvenirs.

The Center of Science and Industry
More popularly known by the acronyms COSI, the Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, Ohio is a research facility and science museum. It has several exhibit areas ranging from nature sciences, to space, to engineering. About 700,000 people visit the museum every year and it is a favourite of educators and field trip advisers since the 1960s.

PolomarThe Palomar Observatory
Found in the San Diego County in Arizona, The Palomar Observatory is home to one of the most famous telescopes in the world: The Hale Telescope. This massive ground mounted reflecting telescope was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and is capable of directly imaging our exoplanets. The observatory is also home to a bunch of smaller telescopes.

The Meteor Crater
For the geology and space nerd, the Meteor Crater in the Northern Arizona desert is a sight to behold. 170 meters deep and 1.186 kilometres wide, it is the biggest meteor impact site on Earth. Scientist estimate the crater to be at least 50,000 years old. A fragment of the meteor is still on display at the site’s visitor centre.


Best Vacation Spots in the US for Your Dog

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Dog on a BeachI was in California with my dog Rusty, and I was in search of a dog food supplier because he was experiencing hair loss. The veterinarian I visited told me that he simply was not getting enough nutrition and that the food I was giving him was not very healthy.

At a local dog food store in Florida, I was pleased to find some natural dry dog food that is specially formulated for dogs that are experiencing hair loss and other problems. Luckily, Rusty responded well to the natural dog food and happily grew back his hair within three weeks.

America is a wonderful place for your dog, because there are so many places that are dog friendly. You can find pet stores and speciality boutiques practically everywhere, and you can buy some great stuff for your pooch.

Of course, if you want to go on vacation with your dog, here are the best vacation spots in the US for your and your dog:

Carmel, CaliforniaCarmel, California
Carmel is perfect for dogs on the beach! There is no leash law, so you can let your dog run around on the sand and in the surf without anyone telling you off. Dogs of all shapes and sizes come here to frolic in the sun, and there are enough wash rooms for easy clean up. I love bringing Rusty to the beach – it is his favourite place to be.

Key West, Florida Key West, Florida
Key West is beautiful for those who love boating – you can rent a boat and even go on a dog Kayak with your pet. Best of all, there is a fantastic dog beach there called the Key West Dog Beach. Paddling, swimming, and lounging about while afloat on the waves is amazing.

Olathe, KansasOlathe, Kansas
Kansas has many Pet Ranches and Off-Leash Dog Parks so if the beach is not for you, maybe a nice river or forest park is the perfect place for you and your dog. There are some pet facilities that have membership fees, but other parks offer great walk-in rates.

If you want something more controlled, there are artificial turf grass parks and fenced outdoor play areas where your dog can safely run around without worrying whether or not they will run off and get lost. This is perfect for younger puppies.

Weston, MissouriLower Missouri River
The majestic Missouri river is a gorgeous, historical natural landmark. The river trail tours there are very dog friendly, and you can talk your dog out for a long, luxurious walk around the shores of the river. The Weston Bend State Park is also dog-friendly, though you may want to keep your dog on a leash while walking so that it does not run off.

The US is perfect for dog owners of all ages, and when I can afford it, I make sure to travel with my dog Rusty. I just bought extra bags of his special dog food so that he does not end up eating bad kibble while we are on the road!


Best Toddler Friendly Holiday Locations in the US

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family.houseFor many parents, having a toddler in tow usually means limited vacation time and a lot of stress. I am here to tell you otherwise – Having small children with you while on holiday can be a cinch if you bring them to places that are full of joy and excitement.

While I typically traveled alone while I was in America, at one point, a friend of mine joined me along with his family.

His wife and young son wanted something that was fun child-friendly, so we decided to put our heads together in search of toddler friendly holidays for a family of three, plus me! Here is what we came up with:

Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida


Disney World is the biggest amusement park to ever exist in history and is a child’s dream come true. America is filled with the best amusement parks in the world, and few are better than Disney World in Florida.

Florida is known as the sunshine state and already borders the Gulf of Mexico.

Disney World is open year round and is always warm, so it is great place for both adults and children. I suggest to spend a week there, minimum, just so that you get to try all of the great rides found at the resort.

The Hawaii Islands

750HawaiiBeachKidsFew tropical locales are as famous as Hawaii. Hawaii is the 50th State to join the US and is rich with culture and beautiful beaches.

Children will absolutely adore their time there lounging about the white sands, watching fire eaters at a Luau, and exploring its many natural parks, including the famous Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you can watch slow, creeping lava flows from a safe distance.

Just keep an eye on your toddler so that they do not run off while visiting. They are guaranteed to love it there though.

The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Established in 1846, the Smithsonian Institution consists of 19 museums, the most famous of which is the National Museum of Natural History and the Air and Space Museum, which is considered the largest museum complex in the world for housing full sized aeroplanes and other flying machines through the ages.


Toddlers will fall in love with everything that can be seen and learn a lot in the process. There are activity centers for more interactive exhibits.

You can also visit the National Zoological Park that is famous for housing giant pandas and other animals.

Various Ranches in Texas

StoryToddlers who love horses and ponies will love visiting a ranch in Texas. There are many ranch and rodeo resorts peppered all over Texas, and you will get to experience everything from death defying rodeos, to fun little pony rides for the little ones.

Your toddler will be ecstatic to “adopt” a pony of her own (basically, it is a pony sponsorship programme without having to take the animal home).

The US is full of beautiful and exciting locales that would be absolutely amazing for those traveling with small children.


Airport Etiquette When Travelling to the US

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waiting area

tips-for-airport-etiquetteWhen visiting the United States, you will be in luck to find that for the most part, etiquette and customs are still relatively the same.

Most UK citizens will also be familiar with American culture due to exposure to American shows, films, and websites.

However, I noticed that many people still make a few etiquette mistakes while traveling.

People become especially rude if their flight is delayed and they feel that they are now above common decency because of bad weather. Don’t be that guy! Be courteous, and follow basic airport etiquette while waiting for your flight.

Stay Within Barriers

I have noticed that quite a few people go over airport barriers and get in the way of others or even put themselves in danger. Remember, flight companies have an airport barrier installed to preserve order, or to prevent accidents.

You will see multiple barriers in the airport, each with a specific purpose: some are there to keep people in line, while others are there to keep flyers from getting run over by machinery.


Still some barriers are meant to separate departures from arrivals, and some segregate flyers from airport employees. Each airport barrier has a purpose, and correct etiquette dictates that you stay within them.

Fall in line


Surprisingly, many people seem unable to fall in line and would rather skip ahead because they are impatient or in a hurry.

When at the airport, always fall in line and wait in single file. Do not cut in lines and maintain order at all times.

Use Indoor Voices

While an airport is not a library, it is still best to use indoor voices while conversing – this means no shouting, yelling, or using loud voices when talking to others.

You should also avoid playing music out loud and choose to wear earphones instead. During early mornings and late evenings, try to remain especially quiet as courtesy to other travelers at the airport.

Check airport security and pack light


Before even going to an airport, pack light and remember security. At American airports the policies are usually the same – no sharp objects, no weapons, no liquids, and no perishable foods.

Many airports will also confiscate canned goods as they are a danger in pressurized environments.

You should also weigh your bag beforehand so that you do not go over the luggage weight limit and inconvenience not only yourself, but the other travelers behind you.

Listen to airport personnel

One of the things that irk me is when other passengers argue with airport personnel, especially if they are the ones that have been breaking rules. Airport personnel keep us safe and are there to provide us with guidance.

If he or she tells you to stay within the barrier or to line up at the back, it is best that you comply. They are merely doing their job and trying to keep everything organized.

Traveling in the US is easy if you are a UK citizen, but make sure that you observe proper etiquette at the airport whenever you arrive and depart.

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