Are There Harmful Ingredients Lurking In Your Spice Cabinet?

Before I started out investigating what’s in my food- Organic Turmeric Powder, I had fashioned no idea there have been several harmful substances lurking in my own spice cabinet!

Spices such as Organic Turmeric Powder have outstanding therapeutic properties including curbing food cravings (cayenne), improving metabolism (paprika), eliminating cancer skin cells (turmeric) and struggling with swelling (cinnamon), but these benefits will be understood if the spices are ordered and consumed properly.

Normal Spices Contain Harmful Ingredients

There are multiple reasons for adding spices to food, including improving flavor, boosting nutritional value, and also preserving freshness.  Unfortunately, when we buy classic spices- Organic Turmeric Powder, they often contain much more negative features than positive. Like normal food within supermarkets, lots of the spices we find on the shelves are cured with chemicals, contain GMOs and are irradiated. Virtually all typical spices sold in the United States are fumigated [sterilized] with unsafe chemicals that are prohibited in Europe.

What is Irradiation?

Food irradiation is the procedure of using rays to kill bacteria and other pollutants. But while radiation is used to reduce bacteria in the spices we are consuming, the completed product has lowered levels of vitamin supplements and natural enzymes. Irradiation changes the chemical composition of a spice, probably creating poisonous, carcinogenic by-products in the food and increasing our contact with free radicals. Free radicals cause ageing and disease – something we want to avoid at all costs!

HOW EXACTLY TO Buy Spices Safely

With that said, it’s vitally important to fill our pantries with spices that promote health, somewhat than take away from it.  Below are strategies for buying spices to make flavorful dishes, promote health insurance and limit your exposure to hidden toxins.

  • Always buy organic spices – not only will they not have toxic pesticides, nevertheless they will not be irradiated. Organic spices cannot have genetically constructed ingredients (GMOs), unnatural colors, chemical preservatives, and other artificial anti-caking brokers. (A few of my favorite spice companies include – Simply Organic, Frontier, Organic Turmeric Powder, and different store-brands that are organic.)
  • Buy spices from the bulk bin to get the most bang for your buck. Buying a tiny amount ensures the spices will be used in an appropriate amount of time.
  • Check the expiration night out. Spices, unlike wines, do not get better with get older. Be sure you clean out your pantry often to stay away from expired spices. With get older, spices lose their powerful benefits.
  • Replace normal spices at the earliest opportunity. If your spice cupboard is filled with conventional spices Organic Turmeric Powder, begin to buy organic spices for each new recipe you make week on week, eventually you’ll have whole new assortment of organic spices to choose from.

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